Amsterdam City Blog

‘Van Adam’ is a clothing brand for people who love Amsterdam.

The idea started because I love Amsterdam and I am always looking for new stuff to do or to explore in our city. I noticed there are a lot of websites with all ins and outs about Amsterdam, but soon I got lost in the information I found on the web.
So that’s why I decided to make short lists with examples (sometimes more or less) whichs I sorted with care. This way we hope to help everybody: Amsterdammers – tourists – parents – children – students – partners – party people etc, to find their way in the Amsterdam jungle and be amazed and surprised by the beauty of this city.

Also we post new restaurants, shops, clubs, bars, hotels, events and festivals so you will know where to go! I will regularly post some interviews and foto’s on instagram and facebook and of course on my website.

Because of this website I started ‘Van Adam’. So you can wear it everywhere you go and let the whole world know Adam has stolen your heart.

Hope you enjoy my website and most importantly Amsterdam!

Amsterdam City Blog