Clothing brand Van Adam

My dream was to have a clothing brand for woman, but I wanted a good brand name.

In The Netherlands we have a stunning capital city Amsterdam which I am very proud of.

Then I found out that the symbols of Amsterdam (❌❌❌) look like kisses, and the short word for Amsterdam is ‘Adam’. So then my brandname was formed:

‘XXX van ADAM®️’ which means ‘Kisses from Adam’ or ‘ Greetings from Amsterdam’. Clothes designed and made in Holland.

In short we say ‘ VAN ADAM‘ (from Adam). The name of my ‘New Vintage Look’ clothing brand.

You can recognize my clothes by the embroidered fern 🌿on almost every piece. This because I fell in Love with New Zealand years ago and my dad is born there. A silver fern stands as a symbol for this beautiful country. I even got a tattoo from the fern on my elbow, and therefore this leaf will be the signature of my clothing brand.

I hope you enjoy wearing my beautiful feminine dresses.

Van Adam, (handmade) with love… ✖✖✖