About me and Adam

I am Lisette and live in Haarlem with my boyfriend Yuri, in The Netherlands. Already since I was very jung I used to dress myself up in vintage clothes from my mom. Nowadays people still say I have a beautiful own style. I just love old vintage dresses with puffy sleeves, lace, prints, embroidery flowers, trimt and graceful dashing skirts. They make me feel so extremely feminine and pretty.

A while ago my mother gave me some of her old vintage dresses. The quality of these dresses was still very good after all those years! On of them has elastic in the waist and since I am pregnant at the moment it feels so comfortable to wear.

Then I decided to start my own clothing brand inspired by vintage dresses from my mother, to make woman feel beautiful in my clothes. The elastic in the waist accentuates the beautiful curves of your body and ensures you to feel stunning and self confident when you wear it. Well, that was my experience at least :-).

I started with re-designing one of my favorite vintage dresses, but made it more from this time. The result was just amazing! Because I start this clothing brand on my own I will start with selling this one dress first, but if people like it I will re-design more vintage clothes in the future to sell on my webshop.

All clothes are handmade in clothing workshops in The Netherlands. This because I want to deliver dresses from a high quality, and that maybe in 20-30 years you will give this dress to your daughter too like my mother did.

I will sell the clothes on the webshop New Vintage Look, but my clothing brand is called ‘Van Adam’ which means ‘From Amsterdam’. This because all clothes are made in my beautiful country and Amsterdam is our capital city.

Dresses for all woman! Pregnant, thin or curvy. You will feel amazing in these feminine clothes. And you can wear them before, during and after your pregnancy because of the elastic waist.

I hope you are just as enthusiastic about my dresses as I am and if you have any questions or request please let me know!

✖️✖️✖️– from Adam and Lisette :-).