Liefde tussen mij en Adam

I am Set and I am in love with Adam.

Two years ago I started a blog called ‘Amsterdam City Blog‘ because this city is amazing and so beautiful.

My dream was to have a clothing brand one day with this blog, but I wanted a good brand name.

Then I found out that the symbols of Amsterdam look like kisses, and the short word for Amsterdam is Adam. So then my brandname was formed:

‘XXX van ADAM®️’ which means ‘Kisses from Adam’.

In short we say ‘ VAN ADAM‘.

A brand to let the whole world know, Adam is in your heart.

My quote:

‘Anchored in A’dam’.

Beside blogging I also am a first aid nurse. I did not start this brand only to make money for myself. That’s why a part of the profit will go to orphanages for children in pour foreign country’s. This not only by sending money, but also by sending necessary products and presents.


Set and Adam.